DBS Laser Branding

Leave a lasting impression with Laser Branding from DBS.

Your logo, laser engraved, on the inside of your drawers provides a statement of high quality craftsmanship.

Your Logo can also provide you with years of free advertising long after your project is complete.

Download Laser Branding PDF

DBS Slope Drawers

DBS has 4 standard slope details. We can also route custom slope details, just provide us with a drawing of the shape you desire with the drawer dimensions.

Slope 1: This detail is used most commonly on materials with a finished top edge such as PVC, Wood Tape or Foil. The detail is a flat continuous slope from front to back.

Slope 2: This detail can be used on materials where the top edge is unfinished or finished after assembly. Half of the depth is the flat edge and the remainder is the flat slope detail.

Slope 3: This detail can be used on materials where the top edge is unfinished or finished after assembly. The curve occurs at the midway point in the depth and the edge is flat.

Slope 4: This detail can be used on materials where the top edge is unfinished or finished after assembly. Ideal use for this detail is to allow maximum height on the back and most of the sides with a very short front, providing better visual of the drawer contents. The height on the sides allows for installation of a horizontal shelf (ideal for pan lid storage).

Download DBS Slope Drawers PDF

DBS Notch & Drill/Clips

  • DBS can notch & drill the backs of your drawers to accommodate any of the under mount hardware.
  • DBS can provide and install the clips for the under mount hardware for most all of the manufacturers.
  • Always specify when using under mount hardware, even if you choose to do the set up internally due to DBS's standard use of hot melt.

DBS File Drawers

DBS standard files utilize slots in the front & back or sides and 1" high by 1/8" thick aluminum bar.

Files can be letter, legal or a combination.

Files can run front to back, standard.

Files can run side to side, lateral.

Drawers can be set up to accommodate sets of files side by side and running both directions.

Dividers can be installed to provide separation or additional support for the file bars where the drawers are extremely wide or deep.

Download File Drawers PDF

DBS Scoop Choices

#1 3" x 1"
#2 2 1/4" x 1 1/8"
#3 4 1/8" x 1"
#4 4" x 1"
#5 3 3/4" x 1 3/4"
#6 4 3/4" x 1 3/8"

Download DBS Scoop Choices PDF

DBS Mixed Materials

  • DBS builds nothing but custom drawers in order to meet your specific needs.
  • Any of our materials can be used together, simply specify your desired combination at the time of ordering.
  • Match the appropriate top edge to each of the materials selected.
  • DBS can also use a different corner construction in the front versus the back. Specify these at the time of ordering as well.

DBS Divider Systems

DBS Custom Dividers

  • Dividers can be made out of materials ranging in thickness from ¼" up. Specify desired material for each divider at time of ordering.
  • Dividers can be permanent or nailed into the drawer.
  • Dividers can be removable or let sit in a groove.
  • Dividers can run front to back (standard) or side to side (lateral) or a combination of both.
  • We can run horizontal grooves for divider clips, simply specify the location of the groove.
  • Dividers can also be left loose for installation by you.
  • Provide a drawing of the desired layout at the time of ordering.

DBS Stocking Inserts

DBS Integrated Lip Faces

  • Pull out solution providing a finished face, typically for installation behind doors.
  • Fronts will be ¾" solid wood and are unfinished unless requested otherwise.
  • The fronts can extend pass the sides, this is called the lip dimension. The lip is 3/8" thick and can be whatever length you need, subject to a minimum of 1/8".
  • The sides and back can be any of our materials ranging from melamine to plywood to solid wood.
  • An option is to order a taller back and a shorter front. This makes contents of drawer visible to user but precludes items from falling out of the back of the drawer. See Sloped Boxes.

DBS Finish After Assembly

  • Any of our unfinished plywoods or solid woods can be finished after the drawer is assembled.
  • This option requires 2 additional days of lead time.
  • The finish used is a clear lacquer finish and the bottom of the box is finished with one coat of sanding sealer.
  • This process can be used to finish the ¾" solid wood fronts for the Integrated Lipped Face option.

DBS Support Strips

  • This is an economical way to add additional support to extremely wide drawers.
  • Plywood that is 12mm thick and 3" wide is run front to back under the bottom of the drawer to add support.
  • The strips are glued and stapled into place.
  • If your drawer is not going to have a face applied, specify this when ordering so no staples are inserted into the front of the drawer when securing the strip.
  • More than one strip can be added, specify the number desired when ordering.

DBS Front Drilling

  • All holes are 5/32" in diameter
  • Holes drilled are located 2" in from the outside edge of the drawer
  • Holes are centered between the top edge of the drawer and the top of the drawer bottom
Template #1
  • Width up to 30"
  • Heights up to 4.5"
  • Two holes
Template #2
  • Widths over 30"
  • Heights up to 4.5"
  • Three holes
Template #3
  • Widths up to 30"
  • Heights over 4.5"
  • Four holes
Template #4
  • Widths over 30"
  • Heights over 4.5"
  • Six holes

Download Front Drilling Templates PDF

Corner Drawers

  • Corner drawers are an attractive alternative to the traditional Lazy Susan and provide easier access to cabinet contents.
  • With corner drawers, you get more than twice the storage space of a Lazy Susan.
  • Drawers can be dovetailed or nailed corners.
  • Corner drawers may be set up for either under mount or side mount guides.

Download Corner Drawers PDF